Driving Hours Questions Part 5


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Driving Hours Questions Part 5
Question #1: When is a log book legally required under Domestic Regulations?
Question #2: A driver must start work at 06:00 by taking a van from your depot to another depot 50 miles away then taking an analogue equipped lorry for a delivery 200 miles away from there. He / she must then bring that lorry to your depot, 250 miles.

Describe the record keeping procedure for the above driver.
Question #3: In the above, if the driver uses a lorry equipped with a digital tachograph, and the date is 1st July, when making a manual entry what should he record (times and modes please)?
Question #4: A driver has driven a van all week, performed mixed driving (analogue, digital and vans over the last few weeks) and is in an analogue tachograph vehicle on Friday; what records must be produced?
Question #5: What detail must be recorded on a centrefield BEFORE a journey and what details added after the journey (assume a single vehicle all day)?
Question #6: What should a driver do if arriving for work and finding the driver card to malfunction?
Question #7: A driver’s charts shows that a 9 hour drive was performed on Monday (the first day of duty since a 45 hour weekly rest) and a 9 hour daily rest was taken on Monday night. On Tuesday the driver started at 06:00, drove a total of ten hours (taking breaks where necessary) and worked until 21:00. Start time on Wednesday is 11:30. Are there any breaches described here? If you were speaking to the driver during the Wednesday shift and were asked how many 10 hour drive extensions and 9 hour rest reductions were permissible for the remainder of the week, what would you advise?
Question #8: A driver working four on four off is continually incurring excess Daily drive extentions: driving up to 10 hours three times each week. You have warned him and he has incurred another such infringement last week. He is adamant that this is not so and shows you his charts for last week: Saturday 10 hours, Sunday 10 hours, Monday 9 hours and Tuesday 9 hours. The previous week he worked Friday 10 hours, Saturday 9 hours, Sunday 9 hours and Monday 10 hours. What should you tell him?
Question #9: A driver’s infringement reports 6 hours driving without a break, 17 hours driving in one day and no valid daily rest. Before reading on, are you already forming a judgement? Remember to always look at the facts first! You call the driver in and she produces a print out taken first thing on the morning detailing 7 hours of other duty 00:00 – 07:00. She admits that the evening before she forgot to remove her card and left it on other duties all night. You see that she took a break at mid day after just four hours driving and one hour of other duties, yet the report states 4.5 hours driving accrued by 10am (you can only see 2.5 hours’ driving before that time). You can also see that only 8 hours driving was performed that day. What other evidence do you need to look at and how will you explain to the driver what has happened? Has an infringement occurred and, if so, what infringement? What penalty could she expect if stopped by the DVSA?
Question #10: A driver has driven for 10 hours drive in a lorry today and drove a van for 1 hour in the morning (recorded as Other Duty on a manual entry) and spent 1 hour during the day performing loading etc. (also recorded as other duty). Sufficient breaks were taken. What rules are breached and how would you expect them to be detailed on an infringement report? If the driver had spent the first hour in the warehouse instead of driving a van, assuming a spreadover of 14 hours and no reduced rests previously in the week, what infringements would have occurred in that scenario?
Question #11: During that same two driver shift a total of 20 hours was worked. In the first and last half hour there was only one driver as the second driver was picked up and dropped off at home – what is the breach?
Question #12: A driver arrived 10 minutes late for a timed delivery, missed the slot and incurred a two hour delay. A dispute arose between the driver and a member of your office staff who said that the driver delayed the delivery unnecessarily to annoy him following an argument. He accuses the driver of taking a break on the industrial estate prior to going in to perform the delivery. When quizzed the driver showed that 3 hours of other duties had been performed loading the vehicle on the morning, followed by 3 hours of driving, so a 30 minute break was taken for WTD purposes. The remainder of the drive to site took 5 minutes. What action would you take and what would you instruct the driver to do next time?