EU Driving Hours Questions Pt. 1


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EU Driving Hours Pt. 1
Question #1: A driver has worked from 05:00 until 19:00 then finishes at base and starts his daily rest. The driver commences work at 07:00 the following morning. How many hours daily rest has the driver taken?
Question #2: A driver takes a break on site whilst waiting to unload. After 15 minutes break the foreman asks the driver to open up the lorry. The driver does so and returns to the cab whilst the site staff unload. 25 minutes later the foreman asks the driver to close up and move on, he signs the POD. The driver is very close to his 4.5 hours driving and is told he can resume his break, how long does he now need to take?
Question #3: You have a load that needs to be delivered at a location 850 miles away. It is urgent and you are asked how long the journey will take; money is no object but it must travel by road. Assume 3 hours taken to wait for, board and cross on a ferry and a further one hour delay at borders etc. Assume an average of 50 miles per hour. Obey all requirements for breaks and rests, what is the minimum time to complete this delivery, how is it done (detail the schedule) and what are the requirements for the vehicle?
Question #4: A driver works four days on, two days off. He drives 9 hours Sunday, 10 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday and 9 on Wednesday. He then takes Thursday and Friday off. How many hours can he drive on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of his following shift pattern?
Question #5: A driver has driven 40 hours last week. How many hours can the driver drive this week? Assuming he / she does so, how many next week?
Question #6: A driver works for you Monday – Saturday every week, finishing at 12:00 on Saturday and starting at 09:00 on Monday. One week the driver works until 18:00 on Saturday and is required at 09:00 on Monday. Can the driver work the following Saturday? Explain your answer.