Multiple Choice Mock Exam 1


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Multiple Choice Mock Paper 1
Question #1: A police constable, accompanied by a goods vehicle examiner, stops your vehicle. The goods vehicle examiner hands you a PG3. This means that you must:
Question #2: Transport companies must register under the Data Protection Act if they keep computer records containing:
Question #3: An operator applies for a Standard National Operator's licence for 6 vehicles. The applicant must prove that the business has cash or reserves of at least:
Question #4: Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), employers must keep records of reportable incidents for at least:
Question #5: The maximum length allowed for a rigid-drawbar trailer combination is:
Question #6: A VAT registered UK haulier is asked to deliver a 20 tonne load from a customer in Birmingham
to a destination in Norway. Which of the following statements correctly identifies how the haulier should handle the VAT relating to the invoice?
Question #7: On a movement from the UK to Italy via Switzerland which paper document would need to be carried on the vehicle to meet CT requirements?
Question #8: Below are some statements relating to organisations which provide ancillary services to the transport industry. Which combination of statements is correct?

1. Freight forwarders arrange international movements using various modes of transport
2. A clearing house provides services for the carriage of waste
3. A groupage operator collects debts on behalf of factoring organisations
4. Sub-contractors are directly responsible to the consignor for any loss or damage to goods
5. An agent makes contracts with third parties on behalf of a principal
Question #9: The following figures are taken from the financial records of a transport company. Using relevant items of information, calculate the gross profit.

Drivers’ wages £150,000
Management and clerical salaries £60,000
Diesel fuel for vehicles £160,000
Total sales £600,000
Vehicle maintenance £75,000
Overhead costs £25,000
Question #10: For a road freight transport operator, which of the following is an example of a market segment?
Question #11: When considering the marketing mix of a marketing programme the 7 Ps refer to which combination of the following elements?
Question #12: A road haulage operator wishes to undertake an international journey which involves transiting Turkey. What document would be required to specifically authorise the crossing of Turkey and from which organisation can it be obtained?
Question #13: For a valid contract to exist, which of the following factors must be present?
Question #14: Modern vehicles are manufactured with their own unique onboard electronic data network which provides a sub-system to control actuators, receive data from sensors etc. This onboard network is referred to as the
Question #15: A tractor unit is equipped with 6 tyres, each costing £300. The semi-trailer it tows also has 6 tyres, this time costing £340 each. All of the tyres on both the unit and semi-trailer are estimated to have a life of 80,000 km. What is the running cost of tyres for the whole vehicle in pence per kilometre?
Question #16: Below are some statements relating to safety representatives and safety committees. Which of the statements are correct?

1. Safety representatives are appointed by an employer
2. A safety committee is not required until an employer has at least 50 employees
3. An employer must establish a safety committee within 3 months of a legitimate request
4. Safety representatives must have at least 5 years experience with the employer
5. Safety representatives are entitled to inspect the workplace to check for hazards
Question #17: Which of the following UK journeys would involve a toll payment?
Question #18: A transport operator applies for a trade licence. His application is refused. Which of the following statements is correct?

1. He has no right of appeal
2. He may appeal to the Upper Tribunal
3. He may appeal to the Secretary of State for Transport
4.Appeals must be made within a maximum of 28 days from the date of the refusal
5.Appeals must be made within a maximum of 3 months from the date of the refusal
Question #19: Which of the following types of insurance are compulsory for a road haulage company which operates 20 of its own vehicles and employs 30 drivers and 8 administrative and sales staff?

1. Public liability insurance
2. Third party motor insurance
3. Goods in transit insurance
4. Employer's liability insurance
5. Consequential loss insurance
Question #20: Which of the following factors are taken into consideration when calculating the VED payable on a 44 tonne gvw rigid vehicle/drawbar trailer combination

1. Annual kilometres travelled by the vehicle
2. Gross weight of rigid vehicle
3. Gross weight of drawbar trailer
4. Unladen weight of drawbar trailer
5. Number of axles
Question #21: A transport company has a total capital employed of €500,000 and wishes to make a profit of 20% on this amount. If the annual costs of the business are €800,000, what percentage profit mark up needs to be added to any cost calculation for customers?
Question #22: An organisation which, on behalf of the sender of goods, makes the necessary transport arrangements, prepares the documentation required and obtains any necessary customs clearance is:
Question #23: A UK operator has a Standard International Operator's Licence which authorises the operation of 40 vehicles.

The operator currently owns and operates 35 vehicles. The maximum number of Community Licence documents that can be issued to the operator is:
Question #24: Which of the following items of information must always be shown on its sales invoices by a VAT registered transport company?

1. The company's VAT number
2. The customer's VAT number
3. The tax point (date)
4. The rate of VAT charged for each item supplied
5. The address of the company's head office as registered with Companies House
Question #25: A weight threshold must be exceeded before vehicle excise duty takes into account the number of axles on a rigid goods vehicle. This threshold is:
Question #26: VAT related records must be kept for a minimum period specified by law. This minimum period is:
Question #27: For which of the following countries would a UK driver require an entry visa?
Question #28: A load on your vehicle projects 2.5 metres to the front. What minimum action should be taken?
Question #29: Which of the following documents are required by an operator taxing a new goods vehicle for the first time?

1. Type Approval Certificate of Conformity (COC)
2. Unladen weight certificate
3. Copy of the operator's '0' licence document
4. V5C
5. DVSA test certificate
Question #30: Which of the following changes required on an Operator's Licence would oblige the operator to place an advertisement in a local newspaper ?

1. To change from a Standard National to a Standard International licence

2. To increase the fleet size beyond that authorised in the margin on the existing licence

3. When acquiring the operating centre of another operator with a GV72 form (under Section 4 rules)

4. When changing from in-house to contracted-out maintenance

5. When replacing owned vehicles in the fleet with similar vehicles from a leasing company
Question #31: Drivers working under GB Domestic regulations must complete which of the following tasks, with regard to their hours of work records?
Question #32: If a company's customers are causing problems by taking too long to pay their bills, what can the company do to encourage quicker payment?
Question #33: Which of the following statements relating to ACAS are correct?

1 . ACAS is a statutory body
2. ACAS does not have the power to making legally binding settlements on unions and employers
3. ACAS can fine unions and employers failing to obey an imposed settlement
4. ACAS is the body responsible for ensuring the genuine independence of trade unions
Question #34: Under the Working Time Directive as they apply to non-driving employees of a transport company, which of the following statements are correct?

1. Employees are entitled to a minimum period of 13 hours uninterrupted rest each day

2. The working week should not exceed an average of 48 hours over the agreed reference period

3. All employees, irrespective of occupation, are entitled to free eyesight checks

4. Employees may not work for more than 6 continuous hours before a break is taken

5. A weekly rest of not less than 45 consecutive hours must be taken
Question #35: What sequence of testing would a person who is not licensed to drive any type of vehicle have to undergo to obtain authorisation to drive large articulated goods vehicles?
Question #36: In Belgium, the height limit for goods vehicles is:
Question #37: The weight of a vehicle including the body, but excluding the weight of water, tools, loose equipment and fuel, is known as:
Question #38: Under current health and safety legislation, statutory safety representatives can be appointed by which of the following?
Question #39: Which of the following statements relating to a Public Limited Company are correct?

1. A Public Limited Company must have a minimum of two directors

2. lt is not necessary for a Public Limited Company to appoint a company secretary

3. All Public Limited Companies must have their accounts externally audited

4. Public Limited Companies must have a nominal share capital of not less than £500,000

5. Plc's cannot begin business until a Trading Certificate has been issued
Question #40: Under UK law, operators must keep copies of all maintenance records relating to vehicles for a minimum period of:
Question #41: Which of the following may object to the granting of an Operator's Licence?
Question #42: A transport company uses the standard 17 week reference period for compliance with working time regulations. So far in the period, Amy Smith, one of the company's drivers, has completed the following working weeks:

Weeks 1 to 6 inclusive - 52 hours each week
Weeks 7 to 15 inclusive - 46 hours per week

Which of the following would represent a legal pattern of working hours during weeks 16 and 17?
Question #43: A driver subject to EU Drivers' Hours Regulations begins work at 0200 and completes 2 hours 30 minutes of non-driving work in the depot. At 0430 the driver drives to his destination, which is reached at 0600.

Upon arrival at the destination, the driver begins to assist in the unloading of the vehicle. When is the latest the driver must begin a break?

Question #44: A driver drives a vehicle subject to the EU Drivers' Hours rules on Wednesday and Thursday. He then works in the warehouse on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

In respect of the records he is required to keep under the provisions of the EU rules, which of the following statements relating to his non-driving days is correct?
Question #45: An international operator finds itself spending a considerable amount of money each month on fuel, tolls etc which are payable in euros. Last year the operator used a conversion rate of €1 = £0.95. However, the exchange rate has changed and is now €1 = £0.85. If the operator spent €250,000 abroad last year and anticipates the same expenditure this year, what will be the effect when the new exchange conversion rate is taken into account
Question #46: Under the transit of animals legislation, which of the following conditions must be met to enable a consignment of pigs to be transported for up to 24 hours
Question #47: Which of the following conditions relating to the tyres on a 40,000 kg GVW articulated vehicle would breach Construction and Use Regulations?

1. Tread depth of 1.4mm over three quarters of the tread breadth

2. Under inflated by 40%

3. A cut in the tread, not deep enough to reach the body cords, of 30mm

4. A radial tyre and a cross ply tyre on the same axle

5. A bulge in the sidewall
Question #48: Listed below are a number of items of workshop equipment. Which of these are specifically recommended in the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness as important when creating an in-house maintenance facility?

1. Torque wrench
2. Hoist or pits
3. Headlamp adjustment test equipment
4. Brake test equipment
5. Steam or pressure washer
Question #49: Each completed 'V' produced by the distance trace on a tachograph chart indicates that the vehicle has travelled:
Question #50: Working capital is calculated by:
Question #51: An operator buys a new tractor unit for £90,000. The value of the original tyre equipment is £2,500, the vehicle has an expected life of 5 years and an estimated residual value of £22,500. If the reducing balance method of depreciation is used at a rate of 20%, the amount allocated for depreciation in the first year of the vehicle's life will be:
Question #52: Under Domestic hours of work rules, drivers are exempt from the 11 hour daily duty limit provided that they do not exceed a specified number of hours of driving on each day of the week. This maximum daily driving time should not exceed:
Question #53: A new UK vehicle is on a journey from Birmingham to Lyons. Which of the following documents relating to the driver must be carried?

1. UK driving licence
2. Passport
3. International Driving Permit
4. Letter from the employer authorising the holder to drive the vehicle
5. Driver's digital tachograph card
Question #54: Which of the following vehicles/trailers are subject to Plating and Testing regulations?

1. A drawbar trailer with an unladen weight of 2 tonnes

2. A rigid vehicle with a gross weight of 7.49 tonnes

3. A semi-trailer with an unladen weight of 2 tonnes

4. A tractor unit from an articulated combination with a gross weight of 24 tonnes
Question #55: Martin Smith has worked for Bilbeck Limited for ten years. Bilbeck Limited is then bought by Lax Logistics plc.

With regard to the legal provisions concerning continuous employment, Martin's service will be calculated from when:
Question #56: The turnover of a business is £550,000 this year, compared with £500,000 last year. This represents:
Question #57: A driver has been employed by the Smith Transport company for 15 years. His contract of employment states that all periods of notice will be the minimum laid down by law.

If the driver wishes to leave to take up another job, how much notice must he give as a minimum?
Question #58: When drawing up the specification for the future purchase of a new 44 tonne GVW vehicle, which of the following features would assist in improving likely fuel economy?

1. Euro 6 engine
2. Air management system
3. Aluminium wheels
4. Additional axles
Question #59: A rigid goods vehicle with a GVW of 18,000 kg is carrying a consignment of 10,000 kg of packaged dangerous goods which have been allocated to Transport Category 2. The vehicle is equipped with one 2 kg dry powder fire extinguisher to deal with a cab fire. In addition, the vehicle must carry how much more extinguisher capacity to meet minimum legal requirements?
Question #60: In a VAT accounting quarter, a UK company invoices its customers a total of £200,000 on top of wh1ch VAT at the standard rate must be added. During the same period, it makes purchases from suppliers totalling £140,000, again to which VAT at the standard rate must be added. How much VAT must the company send to HM Revenue and Customs in respect of this quarter's trading?