Multiple Choice Mock Exam 2


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Multiple Choice Mock Paper 2
Question #1: Certificates of origin are issued in the UK by:
Question #2: Which lncoterm places almost all responsibilities on the buyer; the seller only having to pack and make the goods available, at their premises, to the buyer?
Question #3: What is the purpose of an ATA carnet?
Question #4: Which of the following journeys would be examples of third country traffic for an operator from the UK?
Question #5: An operator has to move loads of non-stackable pallets, each weighing one tonne and having dimensions of 1200mm x 1000mm. If a load of 26 pallets had to be moved as a single consignment, which of the following vehicles would be most suited to the work?
Question #6: An unaccompanied semi-trailer arrives in Felixstowe carrying a consignment of Dutch goods for delivery to a customer in Birmingham. AUK-based haulier agrees to collect the trailer and deliver the consignment but, due to unexpectedly heavy work commitments, delays the delivery by two weeks. Under the terms of the CMR Convention the maximum amount that may be claimed by the customer for losses incurred by the delay is:
Question #7: Third party insurance policies must include cover for which of the following liabilities?
Question #8: An employee is driving her employer's rigid goods vehicle and is involved in an accident in the UK. Which of the following statements describes the employer's legal liabilities?
Question #9: In France, Germany and Italy the maximum permitted speed for lgvs in a built up area is:
Question #10: Under the yellow line rules contained in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, a single yellow "pip" on the edge of the kerb at right angles to the carriageway indicates:
Question #11: What is the minimum category of entitlement permitting a driver to drive a rigid goods vehicle with a MAM of 7500 kg towing a trailer with a MAM of 750 kg?
Question #12: The licence of a driver shows entitlements for Categories Band C1. Which of the following vehicles is this person legally entitled to drive?
Question #13: An immediate prohibition can be delayed by issuing a:
Question #14: An operator believes that a DVSA examiner was wrong in refusing to remove a prohibition notice following a re-examination of the vehicle. What actions are open to the operator?
Question #15: The maximum validity for a temporary exemption certificate (VTG33) exempting a vehicle from a DfT test is:
Question #16: The legal weight threshold above which Plating and Testing regulations apply is:
Question #17: Vehicles carrying quick-frozen foods must be fitted with equipment to record the air temperature in the load compartment. Operators must keep these records in good condition for at least:
Question #18: Which of the following vehicle markings must be displayed by a 38,000 kg gvw road tanker carrying a load of petrol for delivery to a filling station 50 miles away?
Question #19: The maximum width of vehicle, trailer or load operating under Special Types Regulations is:
Question #20: Under the Authorised Weight Regulations, the dimension governing the weight that can be imposed on 3 closely spaced axles of a semi-trailer, is the distance between the:
Question #21: The term given to measurement from remote sources using transmitters etc to send the information back to a base station is known as:
Question #22: Atkins Haulage has arranged to move some goods for Arkwright Limited. On the day in question Atkins Haulage has no vehicles available to do the work and therefore arranges with Daily's Transport to do the job for them. Daily's Transport would therefore be:
Question #23: The right of lien entitles an operator to:
Question #24: An application for a new trade licence should be made to the:
Question #25: Which of the following statements relating to vehicle excise duty are correct?

1. VED is non-transferable
2. Refunds for unexpired portions of VED are paid automatically to the seller of the vehicle
3. A paper tax disc must always be displayed on the nearside of the vehicle
4. All administration relating to VED is undertaken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Question #26: Which of the following vehicle costs are both direct and fixed?

1. VED
2. Lubricants
3. Insurance
4. Tyres
5. Maintenance
Question #27: An operator purchases a new vehicle for £52,000 and the original tyre equipment fitted to it is valued at £4,000. If the operator estimates that the vehicle will have a resale value of £6,000 when he disposes of it in 5 years time, what is the annual depreciation which must be allowed using the straight line method?
Question #28: Vehicles above a prescribed gross weight threshold must be fitted with a mirror giving the driver a view across the front of the vehicle. This threshold for fitment is:
Question #29: The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness recommends that plans for preventive maintenance inspections and routine servicing on authorised vehicles should cover at least the next:
Question #30: Operators must copy data from their drivers' digital tachograph cards at intervals not exceeding:
Question #31: If the tachograph breaks down on a journey, it must be repaired 'en route' if the vehicle is unable to return to its base within:
Question #32: Which one of the following has the legal authority to inspect a road haulage driver's hours of work records:
Question #33: Jenny Jarrot is the driver of a 2 axle rigid vehicle with a gross weight of 18 tonnes. He starts work at 07.00 and commences driving at 07.30. What is the latest time by which she must have stopped for a statutory break if he is operating under EU Regulations?
Question #34: The maximum fortnightly driving time allowed on EU journeys is:
Question #35: Under EU drivers' hours rules, the minimum daily rest for crew members on a double manned vehicle is:
Question #36: An operator has an '0' licence specifying 5 vehicles with no margin. He is now operating 5 vehicles and wishes to acquire 2 more. He should:
Question #37: Which of the following criteria must be met by an applicant for a Standard National '0' licence which would not have to be met by an applicant for a Restricted '0' licence?

1. Fitness
2. Good repute
3. Financial reserves of at least £6,650 for the first vehicle and £3,700 for all subsequent vehicles
4. Professionally competent person to oversee and control activities
5. Suitable maintenance facilities or arrangements
Question #38: In determining the 'fitness' of an applicant for a standard '0' Licence, the Traffic Commissioner will take into account convictions for specified offences occurring during the preceding:
Question #39: A representation, on environmental grounds, against the granting of an '0' licence must reach the DVSA Central Licensing Office within:
Question #40: If a transport employer negotiates with her employee drivers and agrees to pay them a nightly subsistence rate in excess of the figure agreed with HM Revenue and Customs:
Question #41: A company is formed in January, begins operations in March and immediately employs 20 workers who receive their first wages at the end of March. PAYE and employees' National Insurance contributions are deducted by the employer for this first month's work. What is the latest date by which this money must be remitted to the government?
Question #42: You wish to publicise that your company has landed a large new contract for the provision of transport services to a major plc. Which of the following would be the most cost effective ways of communicating this information to your existing clients?

1. Local radio advertising
2. Press release
3. Mailshot to clients
4. Advertise in trade press
Question #43: lt is estimated that the operator of a road haulage business carries 0.15% of the total goods transported in the UK. In marketing terms, this is known as:
Question #44: A company wishes to settle a number of invoices by paying funds directly into suppliers' banks. lt can do this by means of:
Question #45: Which of the following items of information must always be shown on its sales invoices by a VAT registered transport company?

1. The company's VAT number
2. The customer's VAT number
3. The tax point (date)
4. The rate of VAT charged for each item supplied
5. The address of the company's head office as registered with Companies House
Question #46: A debenture is:
Question #47: Which of the following would be classified as a current asset?
Question #48: Which of the following items would appear as current assets on a balance sheet?

1. Proposed dividend to shareholders
2. Sundry creditors
3. Sundry debtors
4. Stock on hand
5. Bank overdraft
Question #49: An employer is required to draw up a health and safety policy statement if the business has a minimum of how many employees?
Question #50: A Health and Safety Inspector visits your premises where he discovers an activity taking place which, in his view, breaches a statutory provision. He therefore issues an improvement notice. The minimum period allowed to remedy this breach is:
Question #51: It is recommended that people appointed to be safety representatives should:
Question #52: Employment Tribunals have the power to hear cases connected with which of the following workplace issues?

1. Employees' rights to time off work to carry out public duties
2. Alleged discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
3. PAYE contributions
4. Failure to report an accident to the HSE
5. Equal pay complaints
Question #53: Under the general Working Time Regulations as they apply to non-driving employees of a transport company, which of the following statements are correct?

1. Employees are entitled to a minimum period of 13 hours uninterrupted rest each day
2. The working week should not exceed an average of 48 hours over the agreed reference period
3. All employees, irrespective of occupation, are entitled to free eyesight checks
4. Employees may not work for more than 6 continuous hours before a break is taken
5. A weekly rest of not less than 45 consecutive hours must be taken
Question #54: Jack Smith is 48 and has been employed by the Ace Transport Company for 7~ years. What is Jack's minimum period of notice from the company?
Question #55: Which of the following employees would be legally entitled to reasonable time off with pay?
Question #56: In contract law the term 'consideration' means
Question #57: Which of the following statements relating to a public limited company are correct?

1.A plc must have a minimum of two directors is not necessary for a plc to appoint a company secretary
3.All plc's must have their accounts externally audited
4.Plc's must have a nominal share capital of not less than £500,000
5.Plc's cannot begin business until a Trading Certificate has been issued
Question #58: Which of the following items of information must a limited company display on all its business letters?
Question #59: Which of the following items of information or documents must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies when forming a limited company?

1. A statement of compliance confirming that the requirements of the Companies Act have been met
2. Statement of capital and initial shareholdings
3. The name and address of the company's accountants
4. Memorandum of association
5. Articles of association
6. Corporation Tax registration document from HM Revenue and Customs
Question #60: A driver operating under EU Regulation 561/2006 has completed the following activities so far in the working day:

Driving 06.00 - 07.00
Break 07.00 - 07.15
Driving 07.15 - 09.00
Other work 09.00 - 10.45
Driving 10.45 - 11.30
Break 11.30 - 12.00

On recommencing driving what is the maximum driving time permitted before the driver must take a further break?