Multiple Choice Mock Exam 3


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Multiple Choice Mock Paper 3
Question #1: A UK haulier on a journey to Austria is issued with a Phytosantary Certificate. This certificate has been issued because the haulier is carrying
Question #2: For which of the following countries would a UK driver require an entry visa?
Question #3: A UK operator is asked to carry a load with T1 status on an international journey. What does T1 status mean?
Question #4: An operator undertakes a delivery from the UK to the Ukraine. Under what international customs transit system would the goods be moved?
Question #5: What is the purpose of the green sign below when displayed on a goods vehicle?
Question #6: When drawing up the specification for the future purchase of a new 44 tonne GVW vehicle, which of the following features would assist in improving likely fuel economy?

1. Euro 6 engine
2. Air management system
3. Aluminium wheels
4. Additional axles
Question #7: As a safeguard against possible claims for compensation from an employee, due to injuries received during employment, an operator will require which one of the following insurances?
Question #8: An operator wishes to insure herself against loss of profit resulting from a major incident, such as a fire, which would keep her vehicles off the road. Which of the following types of insurance should she take out?
Question #9: A driver is involved in an accident in the UK in which a pedestrian is injured. A police constable asks the driver for her certificate of insurance but she does not have it on her. She must produce the certificate at a police station within:
Question #10: On a single carriageway in the UK, the maximum speed allowed for a 40 tonne articulated vehicle is:
Question #11: A "Category Restriction 1 07" endorsement on a licence limits drivers to rigid vehicle/drawbar trailer combinations not exceeding:
Question #12: A "vocational" entitlement to drive is required once a vehicle has a maximum authorised mass (MAM) exceeding which of the following thresholds?
Question #13: A prohibition notice (PG9) can come into force immediately or be delayed for a maximum period of:
Question #14: Which of the following vehicles will be subject to Plating and Testing regulations?
Question #15: Copies of journey logs relating to the international movement of livestock must be kept by the operator for at least:
Question #16: Under dangerous goods legislation, a road tanker carrying more than one dangerous substance must display:
Question #17: A local haulier intends to use the vehicle below to deliver beds to a destination in Spain after travelling through France. What is the maximum weight he can operate this vehicle at for the journey?
Question #18: The maximum width of vehicle, trailer or load operating under Special Types Regulations is:
Question #19: Which of the following items of technology would enable a parcels operator to keep track of individual consignments?

1. Can bus
2. Telemetry
3. RFIDs
4. Barcodes
Question #20: A company which accepts small consignments from customers, consolidates them at its depot and then delivers them, is known as a:
Question #21: Jobblings Transport has a good contract to delivers goods throughout Europe and decides to appoint an agent, Santos Barlinia to help with backloads. Which of the following statements, relating to the law of agency, are correct?

1. Jobblins Transport is termed the 'principal'
2. Santos Barlinia may make legally binding contracts on behalf of Jobblins Transport
3. Santos Barlinia has the right to sub-delegate the work to another agent without reference to Jobblins
4. As an agent, Santos Barlinia will normally be rewarded by payment of a commission on all contracts negotiated on behalf of Jobblins
Question #22: A weight threshold must be exceeded before vehicle excise duty is payable on a trailer behind a rigid goods vehicle. This threshold is:
Question #23: Vehicle Excise Duty for an articulated vehicle covers the:
Question #24: A transport haulier purchases a new Volvo tractor unit for £82,000 is equipped with 6 tyres, each costing £300. The semi-trailer it tows also has 6 tyres, this time costing £340 each. All of the tyres on both the unit and semi-trailer are estimated to have a life of 80,000 km. What is the running cost of tyres for the whole vehicle in pence per kilometre?
Question #25: A new vehicle costs an operator £100,000. Which of the following additional pieces of information will the operator need in order to calculate the first year's depreciation using the reducing balance method?

1 . The percentage rate to be applied
2. The estimated life of the vehicle
3. The residual value at the projected time of disposal
4. The value of the original tyre equipment supplied with the new vehicle
Question #26: Vehicles with a prescribed gross weight threshold must be fitted with a mirror giving the driver a view across the front of the vehicle. Which of the following vehicle must be fitted with a mirror?
Question #27: Certain glass fitted to a LGV vehicle must be of safety glass. Which of the following must be safety glass?

2.Rear cab windows
4.Side windows
Question #28: In respect of digital tachographs, a company card, when inserted into a vehicle unit, can:

1. Store information downloaded from the vehicle unit
2. Enable data to be "locked in" and "locked out"
3. Analyse downloaded information
4. Store information copied from drivers' cards
Question #29: When asked by an enforcement official, drivers must be able to produce tachograph records for the current day and how many preceding days?
Question #30: A transport company uses the standard 17 week reference period for compliance with working time regulations. So far in the period, Bill Tristan, one of the company's drivers, has completed the following working weeks:

Weeks 1 to 6 inclusive - 52 hours each week
Weeks 7 to 15 inclusive - 46 hours per week

Which of the following would represent a legal pattern of working hours during weeks 16 and 17?
Question #31: A driver working under EU Regulation 561/2006 may reduce his weekly rest period provided that the reduction is compensated. This compensation must be taken en-bloc before the end of:
Question #32: An operator has an '0' licence specifying 15 vehicles with no margin. He is now operating 15 vehicles and wishes to acquire 5 more. He should apply for these additional vehicles using which form?
Question #33: An operator applies for a Standard International '0' licence for 11 vehicles. The applicant also requires a margin of three vehicles as well as requesting and equal number of community licences. How much must the operator prove that the business has in cash or reserves
Question #34: In determining the 'fitness' of an applicant for a standard '0' Licence, the Traffic Commissioner will take into account convictions for specified offences occurring during the preceding:
Question #35: A national transport company wishes to transfer a number of vehicles specified on its '0' licence in the North Eastern area, to a depot whose vehicles are specified on an '0' licence in the South Western area. The vehicles must be deleted from the North Eastern licence and added to the South Western licence:
Question #36: Which of the following changes required on an '0' licence would oblige the operator to place an advertisement in a local newspaper ?

1. To change from a Standard National to a Standard International licence
2. To increase the fleet size beyond that authorised in the margin on the existing licence
3. When acquiring the operating centre of another operator under the Schedule 4 rules
4. When changing from in-house to contracted-out maintenance
5. When replacing owned vehicles in the fleet with similar vehicles from a leasing company
Question #37: On which of the following pieces of U K road infrastructure are charges made to road haulage vehicles?

1. Forth Road Bridge
2. Mersey Tunnel
3. Tyne Tunnel
4. Humber Bridge
5. Skye Road Bridge
Question #38: In a VAT accounting quarter, a UK company invoices its customers a total of £680,000 on top of wh1ch VAT at the standard rate must be added. During the same period, it makes purchases from fuel suppliers totalling £320,000, again to which VAT at the standard rate must be added, He also has a maintenance cost of £40,000.paid to a VAT registered dealer. How much VAT must the company send to HM Revenue and Customs in respect of this quarter's trading?
Question #39: Belguim has recent withdrawn from the euroviginette and has introduced its own electronic tolling system., The Via Pass electronic tolling system is applicable to goods vehicles exceeding a gross weight threshold of:
Question #40: You wish to publicise that your company has landed a large new contract for the provision of transport services to a major plc. Which of the following would be the most cost effective ways of communicating this information to your existing clients?

1. Local radio advertising
2. Press release
3. Mailshot to clients
4. Advertise in trade press
Question #41: Which of the following is considered to be primary data? Information collected from:

1. Internet searches
2. Questionnaires completed by your clients
3. Published government statistics
4. Telephone interviews with potential clients
5. Trade directories
Question #42: Your transport company is asked by a customer to provide a price for a large movement of machinery to a customer in Russia. The document you would use to convey this price and details of any conditions is:
Question #43: A Debit note is used to:
Question #44: Capital employed is calculated by:
Question #45: The following figures are taken from the financial records of a transport company. Using relevant items of information, calculate the gross profit.

Drivers’ wages £263,000
Management and clerical salaries £53,000
Diesel fuel for vehicles £301,000
Total sales £800,000
Vehicle maintenance £80,000
Overhead costs £34,000
Question #46: A transport company employs staff engaged on vehicle maintenance, all of whom work a_ five day week from Monday to Friday. One of the staff is injured when a vehicle hoist collapses and IS absent from work from Monday of Week One until she returns on the Thursday of the next week. Which of the following statements relating to the accident are correct?

1. The accident must be reported to the HSE by the employee
2. No reporting of the accident is required under RIDDOR
3. Details of the accident must be recorded in an accident book
4. The employer should review any risk assessment relating to the use of vehicle hoists
5. lf the injury to the employee had been more severe and resulted in death, the directors of the company could be prosecuted individually for corporate manslaughter
Question #47: A large transport company operates from a number of multi-purpose centres across the North East of England. Which of the following items of information should be contained in the company's safety policy statement?

1. Details of the fire exits from each building used by the company
2. A statement of the company's general policy and commitment to safety
3. The names and contact details of managers responsible for health and safety
4. General actions to be taken in the event of an accident
5. A statement limiting the liability of the company in cases of injury caused by employee negligence
Question #48: The Health and Safety Executive recommends a five-point approach to conducting workplace risk assessments. Which of the following are included in these ve points?

1. Identify the hazard
2. Identify who can be harmed
3. Identify the Health & Safety Executive's local branch office
4. Identify the degree of risk
5. Identify the name of the workplace Safety Representative
Question #49: A pregnant employee who has been employed by the same company for six months is entitled to:

1. Maternity pay irrespective of the length of service
2. Take maternity leave for up to a maximum of 52 weeks
3. Share their maternity leave with their partner
4. 30 ‘keeping in touch days’ when adopting shared parental leave
5. Shared parental leave payable for up to a maximum of 26 weeks
Question #50: Which of the following statements relating to Statutory Sick Pay are correct?

1. SSP is payable for a maximum of 39 consecutive weeks
2. A person must be ill for a period of at least 4 days to create a Period of Incapacity for Work
3. Periods of Incapacity for Work are linked if they are not separated by at least 56 days
4. SSP is not payable for the first 3 working days of a Period of Incapacity for Work
5. SSP is payable at the full normal daily rate of pay of the employee
Question #51: Which of the following statements relating to ACAS are correct?

1. ACAS is a statutory body
2. ACAS does not have the power to making legally binding settlements on unions and employers
3. ACAS can fine unions and employers failing to obey an imposed settlement
4. ACAS is the body responsible for ensuring the genuine independence of trade unions
Question #52: Any employee, part time or full time, with at least one month's service is entitled to be paid by his employer a guarantee payment if he is available for work but none is provided. What payment and for how long is the employee entitled too.
Question #53: Jack Smith is 48 and has been employed by the Ace Transport Company for 15 years. What is Jack's minimum period of notice from the company?
Question #54: A women aged 55 has been employed as a cleaner with pallet logistics for 10 years. She is to be made redundant due to a new contract by a large cleaning company. How many weeks pay will she be entitled to in calculating her redundancy?
Question #55: In contract law the term 'consideration' means
Question #56: When satisfied that the requirements of the Companies Act have been met, the Registrar of Companies will issue a new company with:
Question #57: Which of the following positions is required by a public limited company but is optional for a private limited company?
Question #58: A UK vehicle is on a journey from Nottingham to Naples carrying a consignment of perishable foodstuffs.
Which of the following documents relating to the VEHICLE must be carried?

1. Certified copy of Community Licence
2. ATP Certificate
3. ADR certificate
4. TIR Approval Certificate (GV 60)
5. Vehicle registration document (V5C)
Question #59: A UK based road haulage operator wishes to undertake an international journey delivering goods to
Ukraine. What document would be required to specially authorize the Ukraine leg of this journey and from which organization can it be obtained?
Question #60: Articles 4 and 8 of EU Regulation 561/2006 contain the rules which allow a driver’s daily rest period
to be split. Which of the following is a legally acceptable daily rest pattern?