Multiple Choice Mock Exam 5


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Multiple Choice Mock Paper 5
Question #1: Jim Barker’s son has just had his 18th birthday and Jim now wants his son to become a part of the driving team within the business. They currently operate 44 tonnes GVW articulated vehicles doing International contracts into Europe. He passed his car test recently, what sequence of testing would his son now have to undertake to drive the company vehicles?
Question #2: A company has the power to restrict its legal liability to a consignor of goods by defining the limits of its liability in its
Question #3: Jack Turner is about to start a new contract for Bio brakes who produce brake linings for vehicles. Jack will be responsible for the collection and disposal of controlled waste from the local site. Who is responsible for producing the Waste Transfer note and how long must it be retained for?
Question #4: A Health & Safety Inspector visits your premises where he discovers an activity taking place which in his view breaches a statutory provision. He therefore issues an improvement notice. The minimum period allowed to remedy this breach is
Question #5: A driver examining her vehicles tyres as part of her daily walkround checks would render which of the following conditions as illegal for use on the road on her 18,000kg GVW vehicle

1. Tread depth of 1.3mm across the full breadth of the tyre
2. Incorrectly inflated
3. A cut of 15mm which represents 8% of the tyre width
4. A bulge caused by separation of the tyre structure
5. A part of the cord being exposed
Question #6: A company has the following information in its balance sheet:

Machinery, Plant & Equipment £100,000
Current Assets £140,000
Current Liabilities £ 90,000
Vehicles £200,000

The working capital is?
Question #7: A driver is a school governor and has to attend committee meetings from time to time during normal working hours. Under Employment Protection Legislation
Question #8: All annual examinations and tests under the Goods Vehicles (Plating & Testing) Regulations must take place at:
Question #9: To calculate a company’s gross profit, which of the following items of information would be required?

1. The direct costs
2. The total turnover
3. The indirect costs
4. The current assets
Question #10: Under company law, a private limited company cannot start a business before which of the following have been achieved?

1. The Registrar of Companies has issued its Certificate of Incorporation
2. Public Liability Insurance cover has been taken out
3. Planning permission has been obtained from the Local Authority
4. A director has been appointed
Question #11: Which of the following statements relating to the law of contract are correct?

1. Exemption clauses can be inserted up to seven days after the contract is made
2. Once made, an offer cannot be withdrawn
3. Acceptance of an offer must be communicated
4. All contracts must be in writing
5. Both parties to a contract must offer some consideration
Question #12: In France Germany and Italy the maximum permitted speed for an LGV vehicle in a built up area is:
Question #13: GTW is an abbreviation used in road haulage to denote:
Question #14: A Transport operator would use which of the following methods to assess the validity of a new market research survey by testing it on a small sample of customers?
Question #15: A British transport operator is contracted to deliver loads of palletized goods to a customer destination in Spain. The vehicle he uses is a six axle articulated curtain sided lorry. After leaving the ferry and travelling through Europe what is the maximum GVW that this vehicle can operate at?
Question #16: Which of the following statements relating to Corporation Tax are correct?

1. Corporation Tax is levied on gross profits
2. All partnerships, & limited companies are liable to pay Corporation Tax
3. Corporation Tax is payable to HM Revenue and Customs
4. Any Corporation Tax due must be paid within nine months of the end of the business’ financial year
Question #17: A UK road transport operator is registered for VAT. During a quarter’s trading, the following figures (all excluding VAT) are recorded:

Sales £800,000
Fuel purchases £200,000
Drivers’ wages £180,000
Outside maintenance contractor (VAT registered) £ 70,000

How much VAT must the operator remit to HM Revenue and Customs for this quarter’s trading?
Question #18: In respect of an application for an interim operator’s licence, which of the following statements are true?

1. The granting or refusing of an application for an interim licence is at the discretion of the Traffic Commissioner
2. Once an interim licence has been granted, a full licence will automatically follow.
3. An application for an interim licence cannot be made unless an application for a full licence is also made or has already been made.
4. An applicant for an interim licence should write to the Traffic Commissioner setting out the reasons for making the application
Question #19: Most vehicles receiving an immediate PG9 will also receive a PG9B. This has the effect of:
Question #20: A person makes a representation in respect of an application for an Operator Licence.
Identify which of the following statements are true.

1. A representer may appeal in his own right against the Traffic Commissioner’s decision
2. Representations must be made within 21 days of the application appearing in Applications and Decisions
3. A representer must send a copy of his representations to the applicant
4. A representer must own or occupy property in the vicinity of the proposed operating centre
Question #21: A midland construction company buys a new 16tonne GVW tipper vehicle for use on their regular delivery work for a cost of £70,000. The tyres are £4,000 and they expect to have a residual value in the vehicle of £16,000 after a working life of 5 years. Using the straight line depreciation method calculate the annual depreciation
Question #22: A Category 107 restriction limits a driver to a vehicle/drawbar combinations not exceeding:
Question #23: Under Domestic hours of work rules, drivers are exempt from the 11 hour daily duty limit provided that they do not exceed a specified number of hours of driving on each day of the week. This maximum daily driving time should not exceed:
Question #24: Plating and testing is required for goods vehicles once they exceed a threshold of
Question #25: A transport company’s Profit and Loss Account records
Question #26: Toseland Transport purchase a new 26 tonne three axle rigid Scania for delivery of fine bakery to their customers sites at a cost of £59,600. The vehicle specification is for twin wheels on each of the rear axles and have to pay a cost of £480.00 for each tyre. The company estimates a depreciation of 20% per annum. Using the reducing balance method calculate the depreciation of this vehicle in year two of its working life?
Question #27: When analysing a balance sheet, which of the following are classed as liquid assets?

1. Cash
2. Debtors
3. Creditors
4. Plant and equipment
5. Parts stocks
Question #28: Identify which of the following requirements must be met by an operator who is authorised to transport farm livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs and goats) by road.

1. Animals must be transported without unnecessary delay
2. A journey log must be produced irrespective of the time taken on the journey
3. A document must be produced showing details of the start and end point of the journey
4. All animals transported must have constant access to water
Question #29: Which of the following statements relating to Regulation EC 561/2006 are correct as they apply to a goods vehicle driver on a single-manned journey from Dundee to Southern France, using the Channel Tunnel?

1. After 4½ hours continuous driving, a minimum break of 30 minutes must be taken
2. The driver is permitted to take a daily rest in two separate periods
3. Daily driving periods of 10 hours each could be completed on two days of the week
4. An uninterrupted daily rest period may be reduced to 8 hours provided that compensation is made before the end of the following week
Question #30: If a load projects forward by more than 3.05 metres which of the following are required?

1. Side marker boards
2. End marker boards
3. An attendant
4. Notice to the police
Question #31: The document which a supplier of goods or services sends to a customer, summarising the accumulated amount the customer owes to the supplier at a particular date, is called?
Question #32: Mary Beacon has the following vehicles in her fleet delivering fish to market in the early part of the day. Each vehicle covers the recorded km’s each year. The company has business overheads of £40,000 and makes the decision to allocate the costs on a carrying capacity basis. Use the fleet information to calculate how much would be allocated to a 10 tonne vehicle

2 x 10 tonne vehicles @ 20,000 km each
4 x 20 tonne vehicles @ 50,000 km each
4 x 25 tonne vehicles @ 60,000 km each
Question #33: Below is an extract from a purchase invoice of the Sheffield steel fleet company. Using the relevant information calculate the depreciation cost of the tractor unit for year one using the reducing balance method presuming the depreciation is based at 25%

Iveco 44 tonne tractor unit £67,000
3 axle Coil Carrier Trailer £52,700
Tractor Tyres £2,400
Trailer Tyres £320.00 each
Question #34: In respect of digital tachographs, for which of the following purposes can company digital cards be used?
Question #35: You are planning a journey to deliver a consignment in Denmark. To assist your driver with the payment of the required tolls, which of the following would best fit the need:
Question #36: Just Roll food & Transport Co has a vehicle complete a delivery in the south of England, from the list below, identify those that this haulier might consider approaching in order to obtain a return load to Scotland.

1. Clearing house
2.Groupage operator
3. Freight Forwarder
4. Other hauliers
Question #37: Under the provisions of the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005, which of the following limits applies?

1. 65 hours’ working time in any one week
2. 48 hours’ working time per week averaged over the reference period
3. No more than 6 hours’ work without a break
4. No more than 4.5 hours’ work without a break
5. 60 hours’ working time in any one week
Question #38: Which of the following vehicles need not be fitted with a mirror giving the driver vision across the front of the vehicle
Question #39: What term is given to measurement from remote sources using transmitters etc. to send information back to a base station?
Question #40: A bill of lading is issued by shipping companies to ensure that suppliers get paid and customers receive their goods. Which of the following statement best summarises the purpose of the bill of lading?
Question #41: Whilst delivering internationally under ADR rules UK vehicles must display
Question #42: A UK haulier has arranged a journey to deliver 25,000 ltrs of chemicals from Mansfield to Paris using an articulated vehicle with a GVW of 44 tones. Which of the following documents relating to the load must be carried.

1. A De Suivi document
2. ATP certificate and plates
3. ADR instruction in writing
4. CMR note
5. Journey log
Question #43: UBM pharmaceuticals Ltd have an annual overhead administration costs of £30,000. The company decides to apportion the costs to a distance basis. Using the vehicle details below, how much per year would be allocated to one of the 16 tonne vehicles covering 60,000 km per year?

UBM annual vehicle details
2 x 20 tonne vehicles covering 40,000 km each
2 x 16 tonne vehicles covering 60,000 km each
1 x 12 tonne vehicle covering 100,000 km
Question #44: Which of the following items are shown on a company’s trading account?
Question #45: In respect of a two axle rigid vehicle, identify which of the following legal maximum weights and dimensions apply:

1. 26,000 kg GVW
2. 12m length
3. 2.7m width
4. 4.2m height
Question #46: OCR Haulage Limited has a Standard National Operator Licence permitting it to operate 12 rigid goods vehicles from its operating centre in Cardiff. After two years of operating from this centre, a nearby resident writes to the Traffic Commissioner complaining of noise caused by vehicle movements. What action is likely to be taken by the Traffic Commissioner?
Question #47: Which of the following items form part of the standard undertakings which a transport company must make when submitting an application for a new Operator Licence?

1. The company will meet the environmental standards ISO 14001
2. The company’s vehicles will operate within the speed limits
3. Maintenance records will be kept for at least 12 months
4. The rules concerning drivers’ hours and records will be obeyed
5. There will be a system for reporting and rectifying defects
Question #48: What minimum category of driving licence entitlement is required to permit a driver to drive a goods vehicle with a MAM of 3,000kg, towing a trailer with a MAM of 750kg?
Question #49: Your vehicle has a PG9 imposed on it. After repair, and examiner re-examines the vehicle and issues a PG9C. This means:
Question #50: A transport company is preparing a marketing plan. Which of the following statements are correct?

1. Advertising is just one part of marketing
2. A marketing plan must always cover at least five years
3. The results of market research are likely to be used in producing a marketing plan
4. A marketing plan should be regularly monitored and reviewed
Question #51: Celia Smith obtained her Category C licence aged 23 this year (2016) When will she next have to renew this entitlement
Question #52: The TIR scheme for international work is administered overall by
Question #53: Under EU Regulation 3821/85 operators are legally obliged to retain completed tachograph charts for at least:
Question #54: Which of the following bodies has the right to appoint safety representatives within a company that has a unionised workforce?
Question #55: A driver is on an international journey from the Midlands to the Republic of Ireland, using the Liverpool-Dublin ferry. On Day One, the driver makes a number of collections in the UK and arrives at the Liverpool ferry terminal at 13.00. The driver takes 30 minutes to embark the ferry and then commences a daily rest. At 21.00 the driver leaves his cabin to disembark the vehicle. This will take until 21.30. After disembarkation the driver will resume his daily rest in the vehicle. What is the earliest time at which he can recommence driving on Day Two?
Question #56: If a goods vehicle driver sees a marking on the kerb as shown below, this means
Question #57: Which of the following statements relating to digital tachographs are correct?

1. All cards are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
2. All recordings are made in UTC (Universal Time Co-ordinated) time
3. Operators must keep data downloaded from the vehicle unit for at least 2 years
4. When the vehicle is stationary, the driver's activity will be automatically recorded as a period of availability
5. The maximum validity of a driver's card is 5 years
Question #58: Computer technologies which provide streams of constantly updated information are referred to as:
Question #59: An operator wishes to renew the VED on a two year old rigid goods vehicle which has a GVW of 7,500 kg. Which of the following documents must be produced with the renewal application?

1. Vosa test certificate
2. Certificate of Insurance
3. Suppliers Invoice
4. Certificate of Conformity
5. Operators licence disc
Question #60: The Department of Transport Code of Practice on the safe loading of vehicles states that to prevent move¬ment of the payload in a rearward direction, a load restraint device should be capable of withstanding a force equal to: