Session one – EU Driving hours Summary & Questions


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Session one questions
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Question #1: A driver has three deliveries to make. The first is a three-hour drive away and will take about ten minutes plus waiting time to deliver. The second is a further three hours away and will take one hour to deliver plus waiting time. The third is only a further 90 minutes from this and is a very quick delivery, then the driver has a further 90 minutes to drive to get back to base.

If the driver experiences a 45 minute wait at the first two deliveries, he / she could take a break during these waiting periods (as long as it is not interrupted) then drive back to base (delivering at point three en-route) without a further break. Alternatively, if there is little or no waiting time, the driver could take a break when 90 minutes into the journey between the first two deliveries. Finally, if there is a short wait, the driver could split one of the breaks into two.

Write a brief memo instructing the driver on this; give examples of how the day might turn out and briefly explain the circumstances under which the driver may record time at delivery sites as break. Appendix One will be helpful if you have not written memos in the past.
Write your memo in Word (or similar) and upload it to us in as a .doc, .pdf or .rtf (rich text format) document.
Allowed file types: doc, pdf, rtf, docx.