Employment Practices and Legislation Questions


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Employment Practices and Legislation Questions
Question #1: What breaks must an administrator take in an eight hour shift and when?
Question #2: What responsibility does the employer and the employee have in respect of these breaks?
Question #3: Under what circumstances is a shift pattern of 10 hour shifts starting at 22:00 permissible?
Question #4: A worker announces she is pregnant after working with you for two weeks. What rights does she have immediately?
Question #5: What about if you employ 5 staff and intend to make them all redundant as you’ve been offered a job which pays more than your business can make. Can you do this? What rights do the employees have and what are the consultation requirements?
Question #6: I am 54, have worked for my employer for 32 years at a salary of £35,000 when I am made redundant. Ignoring notice and holiday pay etc, and assuming the “government maximum” is £400 what tax free redundancy pay would I receive (as a minimum)? Show calculations.
Question #7: I catch two drivers stealing fuel in jerry cans. One is an excellent driver who has a great track record of twenty years’ service but who is recently divorced and in a serious financial state. The other is a 22 year old with a criminal record to whom I have given an opportunity; it is his second week of employment. I fire the latter employee, what action should I take against the former?
Question #8: If I fire them both, how much notice do I have to give them?