Domestic Driving Hours Questions Pt. 1


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Domestic Driving Hours Questions Pt. 1
Question #1: How many hours driving of a sprinter van can a mechanic perform and how many hours can he / she be on duty?
Question #2: If a van driver takes a 7.5 tonne (gvw) lorry on a one-hour journey each Monday morning for a large, local delivery; will that driver be subject to Road Transport Working Time Regulations?
Question #3: In the case of the driver mentioned in question 2 above, what breaks must he take when driving the van on Tuesday – Friday?
Question #4: In the case of question 2 above, can the driver work Saturday & Sunday? Every week?
Question #5: An in-scope driver (mobile worker) has worked an average of 55 hours each week for 14 weeks. How many hours can that driver work in weeks 15 – 17 assuming a 17 week reference period?
Question #6: A driver is told to wait for two hours at a delivery point. What may he record this time as?
Question #7: A driver has driven a lorry for 10 hours on Monday and Tuesday and has not reduced his / her daily rest. He has driven for 9 hours on Wednesday and is one hour from base. The driver has been at work for 10 hours in total on Wednesday (including 45 minute break and 15 minute walk around check). You have other drivers and a van available. What can you do to get the lorry back?