Record Keeping Questions


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Record Keeping Questions
Question #1: When is a log book legally required under Domestic Regulations?
Question #2: A driver must start work at 06:00 by taking a van from your depot to another depot 50 miles away then taking an analogue equipped lorry for a delivery 200 miles away from there. He / she must then bring that lorry to your depot, 250 miles.

Describe the record keeping procedure for the above driver.
Question #3: In the above, if the driver uses a lorry equipped with a digital tachograph, and the date is 1st July, when making a manual entry what should he record (times and modes please)?
Question #4: A driver has driven a van all week, performed mixed driving (analogue, digital and vans over the last few weeks) and is in an analogue tachograph vehicle on Friday; what records must be produced?
Question #5: What detail must be recorded on a centrefield BEFORE a journey and what details added after the journey (assume a single vehicle all day)?
Question #6: What should a driver do if arriving for work and finding the driver card to malfunction?