Driver Licencing Questions


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Driver Licencing Questions
Question #1: What are the potential consequences to the driver, the operator and the transport manager if you allow a driver to drive your vehicles and they do not have an appropriate licence?
Question #2: You check a driver’s licence on appointment to his / her position. 10 weeks later you are informed that the driver has been stopped by the police and found to have been disqualified six weeks ago. An officer is going to visit you for a statement. What evidence will you prepare for your defence?
Question #3: What is the category required to drive a 12 tonne vehicle?
Question #4: What category is required for a 3500 kgs Sprinter van?
Question #5: A driver presents a licence at interview for a position involving driving a 5000 tonne vehicle with a 3 tonne trailer. The licence has C1+E entitlement gained by way of a car driving test in 1984. The licence specifies codes 01, 107. Is the driver suitable?
Question #6: A driver age 44 has held a C entitlement for 2 years; when will it need to be renewed?
Question #7: A foreign driver staying for 6 months in UK applies for a temporary position that you have advertised. Under what circumstances can you allow this driver to drive your vehicles?
Question #8: What will you need to do with regard to driver licencing before sending a driver to Ukraine?