Maintenance of Vehicles Questions


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Maintenance of Vehicles Questions
Question #1: Lots of bulbs are being used from stores, yet no DDR reports mention having changed a bulb
Question #2: Lots of bulbs are being changed on PMIs
Question #3: Tyre wear is inconsistent across reports. Sometimes a vehicle goes from 4mm on one report to 18mm on the following report, other times all tyres gain 1mm, other times the tyre wear seems normal.
Question #4: No brake tests are being performed on PMIs
Question #5: Some PMI reports are inadequate; either only bearing one signature (not signed in “all defects repaired” or detailing defects that are being “monitored” or “parts ordered”
Question #6: Recently a PMI report was not available when the driver collected the vehicle and it came through several days later showing an unresolved roadworthiness defect.
Question #7: You have identified issues with the current safety inspection intervals shown in the scenario.

Calculate the correct safety inspection intervals for both the tractor and for the semi-trailer covering the Swindon to Milan route, showing all your workings.

(This question is taken from the June 2012 Case Study exam - the route is 240,000km and the vehicle is loaded with empty stillages on the outbound journey, returning with stillages loaded with soft top canopies for a new model of sports car)