Loading of Vehicles Questions


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Loading of Vehicles Questions
Question #1: What instruction should you give to a driver who, in the course of the deliveries, may need mechanical assistance such as a forklift to redistribute the weight where he states that the staff unloading pallets might refuse to redistribute the other pallets?
Question #2: Write an instruction memo to multi drop drivers regarding the need to redistribute the weight of the load and the dangers thereof.
Question #3: Write an instruction for a driver using a Sprinter of the type defined in page one of the appropriate appendix attached to session 9 collecting 2 loads where you have been instructed that the weights are uncertain but that load one will be between 500 – 1000kgs and load two between 200 – 500kgs. Cover procedures for weight distribution and total weight.
Question #4: What weight should a headboard or bulkhead restrain?
Question #5: Where can the GVW, axle weights and MPM be found?